Behind the Scenes of Class and Office


Who is behind this site? What do we do here? And most importantly, why should you stick around?


About Class and Office

This site exists to help end users learn how to get the most out of technology in the classroom and in the office. We work to accomplish this by organizing online conferences, putting together courses and sharing blog posts. 

We believe the best way to learn technology is to focus on the fundamentals and quickly advance to studying work flows of other people.

Microsoft Office is at the foundation of our productivity as well as other tools that compliment for teaching, learning, planning, productivity, teamwork and all around improvement in how things are done.

In the 21st century, a technology device and its software are the hammer and nail with which to build your work. Learn with us.

Who is Behind Class and Office?

This site is run by a husband and wife duo, Jared and Andrea DeCamp.

I, Jared DeCamp, run most of the front end things you see on this site while Andrea is the mastermind behind the scenes making sure everything operates smoothly, bills get paid and I keep my sanity.

You can follow Jared on Twitter @Jared_DeCamp.

What's Our Story?

True and proud Millennials, we began our story as the DeCamp family in 2010, just a few months after graduating college to join a downturn economy. 

Andrea generally stuck with the education field despite diverting from her initial goal as a teacher. She has eight years in English education and has held a director role for two years at an international English school, in charge of 20 teachers and 200 students. She knows how technology fits in an education setting, how to overcome adoption challenges, and how to steer a program in a direction that is best for the students, staff and organization.

My office work in corporate America primarily focuses on real estate, having sold residential properties and eventually appraising commercial properties for four years at a prominent national real estate appraisal firm in Los Angeles. I know what it is like to use technology for research, report writing, project planning and handling the work flows in an office. 

On our quest to pursue our dream of earning a living anywhere in the world with internet access, we've had real estate sites, fishing hobby sites and OneNote only sites. Then, in 2016, the first ever Learn OneNote Conference was a pleasant success with a global impact with OneNote fans and experts around the world. Working full time and organizing the conference proved to be two competing efforts that led to a hiatus on internet work until the second annual Learn OneNote Conference in November of 2017. 

Jumping ship into this online business full time in August 2017, Andrea and I have the privilege of working together towards improving your lives and earning an income from anywhere with internet access.

When we aren't working, you'll find us taking walks, attempting to exercise and eat healthy, mixing in some breweries and wineries for the finer tastes in life, and you might catch us attempting to swing the golf club, on a hike or casting a line for a fish. We are joined on this journey of life by our wild cat and hope to add a baby human to the mix sometime soon.

Why Stick Around on This Site?

As of January 2018, more than 7,000 of you have decided to subscribe to one of our events, courses or general site. It is a pleasure to have you and for those of you thinking about sticking around, I'll say this: This site is all about helping you get more out of technology in the classroom and in the office by providing real life work flows. 

But my own comments as to why you should stay here are biased. Hear what other people have said about us and the events and work we produce. We hope you will stick around.

Thank you for putting this wonderful conference together. It’s not every day that someone does something like this to help others. I commend you, sir.

David Arocha Jr.

Learn OneNote Conference Attendee

Thank you to all who prepared excellent content of the OneNote conference. I am an experienced OneNote user, but I saw a lot of new views and tips :).

Jaroslav Luhan 

Learn OneNote Conference Attendee

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