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Join Our Free Online Events for Educators and Productive Persons 

We organize free online events focused on showing you how to finally get the most out of Microsoft Office in the classroom and in the office. 

learn onenote Conference is our most current event


See the three main ways we help you accomplish your goals with Microsoft Office and similar technology.



When you attend one of our online events, you get access to a group of peers ready to share, help and assist each other on their way to being more productive with their tech.


Online Events

Online events are the focus of our company and the best way we see to help people accomplish more with their devices and tech. The Learn OneNote Conference was our first event and new events are coming out in 2018. 



Sometimes news, sometimes tutorials, sometimes case studies: our blog is where you can see first what we are excited about and start your journey with us. Our blog is coming early 2018.

Our current event is the Learn OneNote Conference

Find out more on the conference site by clicking below.

The Software We Are Excited About Right Now

We focus on Microsoft Office, but there are others...


Microsoft Onenote

The ultimate digital notebook that we use every single day for planning, organizing and brainstorming. The lessor known Microsoft Office365 application that is adored by a raving fanbase and our personal favorite productivity software. 


Microsoft Teams

Bold prediction: Microsoft Teams is going to be the most used program of Office365 within the next 10 years. Why? Because Teams connects people together for online collaboration around the tools they already use. We're watching the adoption and improvements of this program closely.



For the latest online event we put together, Learn OneNote Conference, Flipgrid was a featured sponsor. And, we used Flipgrid to provide an opportunity for attendees to interact with one another. Flipgrid is a video discussion platform and you can find out more on their site.

Join Us at Our Next Online Event

100% Free During the Dates of the Event

The next event will be November 2017 and will be several days of OneNote training, tutorials and case studies. 

This your chance to get in on the free Learn OneNote Conference!

After the event is over on November 13, 2017, access to the conference will limited to paid attendees. Access during the event for free.

Connect With Us

The Class and Office team is a husband and wife duo, Jared and Andrea DeCamp. We started helping people get more from their favorite technology in 2016 with the first ever online conference all about Microsoft OneNote. From the success of that event, the second annual Learn OneNote Conference was organized and new online conference and educational offerings will be brought online in 2018. We welcome everyone to learn alongside us.

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