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Online Community Events

For two years, OneNote fans from around the world have gathered online to participate in the Learn OneNote Conference, an online conference all about OneNote. Held each November, more than 8,000 people have participated and more than 50 speakers have presented. The event has been featured on the Microsoft Office Blog, Microsoft Education Blog, written about on popular Microsoft fan sites and sponsored by industry leaders such as TeacherCast.Net, @OneNoteC and FlipGrid.
Visit the Learn OneNote Conference page for limited access to the most popular sessions from 2017.
The most exciting new addition to the Microsoft Office suite is Microsoft Teams, and we are organizing the first ever Learn Teams Conference for April 2018. Speakers are being lined up with topics ranging from helping you get started, advice on when and where to use Teams, to specific work flow examples in the education and business fields. 
Here at Class and Office our work has already been improved with Teams. By the end of this online event, your work life is sure to change for the better.


The 2018 Planning with OneNote Masterclass is a collaborative effort with us and Michele Christensen, host of the OneNote Bullet Journal Facebook Group.
Using a combination of OneNote templates, planning exercises, webinar, and seven pre-recorded training videos, this course is designed to make your 2018 year the best planned yet, all with using OneNote. 


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